Who We Serve

Our clients are busy people who want to simplify their lives.

They recognize the value of their time and our expertise.  They would prefer spending their time enjoying their life and focusing on their careers rather then trying to sort through the increasing complexities of personal finance.

Schulmerich & Associates offers our clients low cost asset class funds. These funds are offered to a limited number of advisors nationwide.

Most of our clients are financially comfortable retirees and other individuals, business owners, and trusts who have accumulated significant assets.  They are conservative-to-moderate risk takers and most of them were referred to us by one of our own clients or by professional advisors.

Our client's seek long-term relationships with us.  They appreciate our knowledge and expertise, but our care and concern for our clients is what they value most.

Above all, our clients have goals.  They seek financial security for themselves and their families.  They care about their community and making the world better for the next generation.