Schulmerich & Associates, LLC Seven Steps 
                               To Managing Your Portfolio

1. Identifying Your Financial Needs and Establishing Goals -
The cornerstone of a sound investment strategy begins with the understanding of where the investor is financially, where they want to go and how to get there.  The value of the Present Process is in providing you with a clear understanding of your current and future financial situation, assisting you to put your needs into perspective and to defining your ongoing financial goals.

2. Developing Your Personal Investment Strategy - Investors seek assistance regarding current asset allocation decisions.  They want to understand what to expect in the stock and bond markets.  The value of the Present Process is in providing you with an advisor's insight into the index managed funds arena and knowing how to correctly structure a portfolio to meet its designed objectives.

3. Establishing Your Written Game Plan - Investors should develop a customized plan to meet their long-term investment objectives.  They expect a recommended plan of action.  The value of the Present Process is in designing an Investment Policy Statement, individually created and uniquely written to meet your individual investment needs.

4. Implementing Your Plan - Investors need assistance in selecting the right indexed asset to meet their needs.  The value of the Present Process is knowing how to effectively evaluate a index funds for consideration and how to correctly select a Money Manager based upon your overall needs and overall approach of each Money Manager.

5. Maintaining Your Objectives and Reaching Your Goals - Investors need to know if they are on track with their financial goals.  They want to be assured that the same plan we've put in place is being correctly followed.  Investors demand accountability.  The value of the Present Process is providing a structured semi-annual review process, complete with re-visitation of goals and analysis of progress to date.

6. Keeping the Promise - Investors want to know that the advisors chosen to manage their funds are doing what they've been hired to do, with the systems they have promised, and with the people they have chosen to structure their portfolio.  The value of the Present Process is becoming a liaison to ensure that no surprises occur and that your asset class structure in your portfolio is as promised.

7. Continuing the Commitment - Investors want service second to none.  They want to know they are dealing with a committed professional who is providing ongoing expertise to meet their needs.  The value of the Present Process is demonstrated by my commitment to this business and, more importantly, to your business.  My attitudes, knowledge and skills are constantly focused on the continued growth of your portfolios.