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The Financial Planning reports will give you a hypothetical outlook to see if you are on track towards your financial goals.  So please fill out the questionnaire page and mail, fax, or email to our office and we will process the information and have a report to you in a few days.
Financial Planning Questionnaire
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Assessing your Risk- Why is this important to you?

The most important information you give us is your tolerance for risk.  It is impossible to overstate the importance of accurately assessing a client’s propensity for risk.  If you intend to stay with your investment plan assessing your risk will allow a level of comfort through the inevitable volatility of the market.   Risk assessment is really critical to the success of your financial plan.
The challenge for us as advisors is to find a good reliable method for testing clients and evaluating those test results with consistency.  The science of psychometrics provides us with the foundation for a testing solution to help us meet that challenge. Psychometrics, a blend of psychology and statistics, is the science of test construction.  It is an established discipline that provides standards against which tests can be evaluated.

Our risk assessment solution is provided through our strategic relationship with an Australian company named FinaMetrica four years in development, FinaMetrica’s Risk profiling system is to our knowledge, the world’s first web based system to meet internationally accepted psychometric standards.  The FinaMetrica system offers previously unattainable levels of validity, reliability and accuracy in risk tolerance assessment. 

Schulmerich & Associates Asset Management, LLC has a clear understanding that a client’s risk tolerance is the most important factor in guiding clients toward a successful investment portfolio.  We hope you find this process informative and insightful as you move forward in the realization of your goals

It is our goal to have our client’s fill out this risk assessment for their portfolio. 
Please take the time and e-mail/mail your assessment to us.

Financial Planning

Schulmerich & Associates provides high quality strategic planning services at no additional cost to clients in an effort to help them attain their life and financial goals.  Financial planning is the ongoing process of evaluating all areas of your financial life, taking into consideration income, expenses, investments, debt, and your long and short-term goals.  Areas covered include investments, tax, estate, retirement, insurance and education planning.  The role of a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional is to assist the client in the key financial planning steps:

 1. Set Objectives.  What are the client’s most important financial values and goals?

 2. Identify Key Issues.  What are the existing opportunities and threats that could            affect a client’s future?

 3. Build Scenarios.  What can be controlled and what cannot be controlled?

 4. Prioritize.  Which strategies should be pursued first that are most advantageous to      the client?

 5. Monitor. Have goals/circumstances changed?

Although we do not to provide legal or tax advice, we have developed a network of external professionals such as attorneys and accountants.  Schulmerich & Associates brings all of these experts together to provide the client with the best possible service and financial planning solutions. Working with one of our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals will help instill confidence in your financial future by making you feel more in control and better informed.  This newfound stability and peace of mind will allow you to be better prepared to deal with unexpected events.  
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